When you have to glitch the game to get your Hand Cannon range back

i know im like 10 years late on this but i had a family to attend to for Thanksgiving 🙂

Song used: Synthwave goose – Blade Runner 2049 and Arcis – Speed Boat Theme

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  1. Does anyone remember the old D1 thorn glitch? you switched off the thorn then back to the thorn really quick in your inventory then the first shot did the same damage as a final round?

  2. They should turn this into a ritual weapon so that it’ll actually be a “weapon perk set we’ve never seen before” bungie smh

    • would have to be balanced, 2 shot handcannon kills would be op, maybe make it a burst sidearm. It would function sort of like tetesto, the initial burst does explosive damage, then the bullets explode on the target. I guess this could be balanced by a slow fire rate

  3. I played a top 500 level player in comp using this glitch earlier this week. Honestly couldn’t tell if he was hacking

  4. The detail in this video that stands out to me most is that Baken still has his Pribina-D.

    This means that despite all the drawbacks of the weapon that others may focus on, he has deemed it worthy enough to keep in his inventory.

    So remember….

    _Even if you’re not good with a gun AT FIRST, give the gun __-and yourself-__ a chance. You may surprise yourself._

  5. Or you know maybe try other weapon archetypes. Instead of relying on Hand Cannons which are by far the easiest primary weapon class to use.

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