This game is great if you cheat past the first 4 hours | Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

So Ben played a 17-year-old Star Wars game on the Switch and apparently it’s pretty great if you skip past the first 4 hours.

Thanks to ContraNetwork for the video:

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  1. Ben’s right though (played it back in the day), starts off as a horrible FPS that completely changes to the best lightsaber action game anyone has ever made.

  2. the multiplayer is really where this game shined
    the combination of mouse and keyboard movement changing how the lightsaber striked was pretty innovative

  3. I tried playing this but I found the beggining a slog to get through. I played through Jedi Academy and I loved it the same way I love Ben.

  4. My best fun in jedi outcast 2 was finding cool arenas and spawning tonnes of the various lightsaber enemies and having badass jedi brawls over pits of molten slag etc.

  5. Jedi academy is better than this, you get a lightsaber straight away and contrary to Ben’s opinion the lightsaber combat is just a tad better

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