this apex legends glitch broke the game

War is hell…

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  1. That hacking thing happens to me every day like atleast 5times. thats just an advertisement i think.btw i play on asian server

  2. Wait.
    Yall ever seen that one video where this one person is dissecting that red gummy rat? Well… Zylbrad sounds like that when he’s trying to impersonate wamen.

  3. You gotta love how that bot is level 55. Which means they’ve advertised in games for like 10 exp everytime when disconnecting asap to get all the way to level 55.

  4. How could a person be driven to the point of hating women so much that they trap them in the demon realm? Very disappointing Black Mamba #3.

  5. Let’s make a petition, where it is against the law to distribute cheats for a game. Let’s lock people up for this.

  6. Do I have a tale to tell… I was having the best game of my life 10 fing kills, I’m no zylbrad, and a fucken wraith snuck up behind me put me and my team in demon place! And the wraith on my team wouldn’t fucken listen to me to get us out so I just stole all the loot from the death box’s and dumped in the demon place so no one could have it muhahahahahaha

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