The Game Ruining Glitches Of Console/Controller Fortnite! (Xbox + PS4 Fortnite – Season 9)

In this video today we’re gonna be going over some of the biggest problems and glitches with console/controller Fortnite, that don’t get enough attention. So as I’m sure a lot of you guys know, a good amount of the core problems with playing Fortnite on console or with a controller are still around, and are just as bad as ever. The biggest example of this is without a doubt the very low frames per second during chaotic situations. Ever since they added the feature to console which allows you to see your constantly updating FPS in-game, players are realizing just how bad it truly is. Along with that, some of the other major issues that are still around, and have been for a very long time are: Lower FPS leading to weaker aim assist, structures not loading at the beginning of games, and not being able to disable graphical settings like shadows. But, this video isn’t about those issues, since we’ve known about them for a very long time, and a lot of them seem to be almost impossible to fix. We’re instead going to be focusing on some lesser-known problems, that may be effecting console/controller Fortnite players without them even knowing it. So I hope you guys enjoy this video!

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  1. When you’re in edit mode and you’re using a edit mode aim assist. take your cursor drag it down to the ground and then you’ll be able to look around anywhere you want to and then come back to the structure you’re editing! I hope that helps guys!

  2. I feel like console fortnite would get better fps if everything in storm was low textures lowest settings

  3. @gronky it’s the first glitch is not about replacing a wall it happens if you pull out your pickaxe then pull out your builds then go back to pickaxe or putting builds away by pressing the build button again it’s not about replacing!

  4. I been affected by all these glitches I broke my Xbox once cause I couldn’t place a trap
    Which easily would’ve prevented my death lol buh fortnite for consoles needs to fix a lot of stuff and add a lot of stuff I don’t why we don’t have the option like PCs to disable certain gameplays features in settings like I’m tired of not being able to see my enemies sometimes in close range fights sometimes lol and tired of walking into house after landing to see nothing but ammo and bandages in the floor, they take out pumps to add a combat shotgun which is there own version of double pump if you ask me lol less damage and no delay like in season 3 & 4 and I no everyone won’t agree but the game is not fun to me as much anymore unless I’m playing with a friend or some friends, I find my self in creative playing zone wars more than pubs because they show less light to consoles players but more to pc

  5. My fortnite just glitches and lags everytime..i dont know why…my others games like apex works fine..but forrnite doesnt ..becuz of that i had stop playing fortnite …and from 1 month im not having fun

  6. My biggest problem is when I select the trap and then press any build button (floor, ramp, triangle, or wall) it will automatically place a trap!!! It just wastes it!

  7. On Nintendo switch fortnite if I stop moving it slowly moves my character to a random side, I often restart fortnite and it’s fixed, but then comes back again

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