The cheat hackers ‘ruining’ gaming for others – BBC News

Hackers around the world, often teenagers, are making thousands by creating and selling games cheats to a growing market.

The most recent survey suggests that around a third of gamers admit to using them to improve their chances online.

Cyber-security reporter Joe Tidy went to play a game with a cheat hacker to find out how the 17-year-old makes thousands of dollars a month through his underground business.

Last week, in China, four alleged hackers were arrested for similar offences.

Cyber-security reporter: Joe Tidy

Video journalist: Harriet Bradshaw

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  1. What a disgusting PERSON!! RUINING people gaming experience by CHEATING! Building Fun on top of others people pain!!! Their job is to ruin every game in the WORLD! This should be STOP!!! Taking Advantage through cheating and ruining other people years of training in Tournament is such a disgusting business! I wish you die !

  2. With the huge profits being made by the makers of these games and the popularity of them, why shouldn’t someone make money on the side from them?
    And if anyone wants to pay to win, rather than work for it, why not? That’s how the world works.

  3. I hope these hacking scumbag pieces of shit get debilitating arse cancer and waste away to nothing. Shame on the BBC for giving these lowlife degenerates a platform to promote their shameful business

  4. and that is why i stopped playing multiplayer games in 2008. Never touched a multiplayer game since then. Cheaters ruin it.

  5. So, this young guy, who’s making 75K/year, decides to speak to the BBC ? Yeah, seems normal, am sure this is a legitimate article.

  6. there is only one party i can blame for this, and its not the hackers. its the multi million pound companies making these games, pc’s and consoles, and selling them at a high cost who cant stop a bunch of teenagers hacking their shit.

    dont hate the players, hate the game devs.

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