SHOCKING POKER CHEATING: Why Everyone Is Freaking Out About Mike Postle

Mike Postle has had an incredible string of wins on the live streamed cash games at Stones Hall in California. In fact, it’s drawn suspicions and accusations that he may have been cheating all this time. Today we’re going to do a deep dive into the evidence and take a look at some of the insane poker hands that caused so much controversy.

Veronica’s hand compilation:

Joey’s 5-hour hand review:

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  1. ​@Doug Polk Poker please consider having a slow-chat timer of 5-10 second on your next streams, we are 7k people chatting here

  2. Doug I’ll rip those fuking sleeves right off that ugly shirt of urs if u dont take down all these stupid bullshit videos… go jack off to joey sniffing adderall you dork

  3. I have definitely seen fish call in a 3-way all-in with small cards and say crap like “I figured you guys had big cards so my small ones were good.” The main difference is usually one of the guys has AA, and the fish are not 6 figure winners at low stakes. This mofo is cheating.

  4. He’s listening. The player acting has a verbal tell. The second hand is so obvious the opponents were on a flush draw. This is what happens in cash game poker. Stick to tournaments dougie. You’re whole logic is that stay alive to make it to the money. When you have an entire bankroll behind instead of a limited starting stack things are different.

  5. I know that the regulations for RFID tables are super strict in Nevada. The gaming commission has to check it out and certify every setup, there has to be lots of folks involved, and there has to be a lot of duplicated security and a special, isolated security room the graphics folks are in. It seems like it’d be pretty hard to cheat. I’m not sure what the laws are like in California for this, however.

    I had a tournament I played in a livestream in Reno where the graphics were wrong, so it definitely does happen. However, they were pretty screwy the whole time, it was pretty obvious, and they ended up having to switch out the deck. I never saw the cards get magically corrected at the end of the hand like that. Definitely suspicious.

  6. Let’s get a soul read out of his text messages and those of the cronies involved with the company. Should be easy to prove either way.

  7. 🤣 charlie reference! Wish I could afford to sit at a table with you! You seriously are the best character in poker……. Charlie being 2nd 😋

  8. What is the method on the phone, are we saying he has a backdoor in to it or do they in fact stream the games live?
    The RFID part would suggest it goes deeper than just him.
    Needs the gambling commission involved.

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