[ Ryzen + Intizar ] How To Cheat Mobile Legends and End The Game In 2 Minutes || Mobile Legends

I Hope After watching This Video, Hackers and cheaters will stop Such Things.

Dont mess With Me #RyzenHackers

Hope you like it ✌️

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  1. No Matter How Many Times You Hackers Complaint And Youtube Delete my Video, I will Upload It again and Again 😎

  2. Posting video in yt doesn’t make sense bro need to complaint in ml fb or to developers more u give attention to them more they got exited to to this stuffs what will they get even though they reach top1 sqaud just few dimonds nah that will not affect their life but that tired and lazy three month of no friend whole night game will ruin their life

  3. Yow ash check out sonic gaming yt channel and react to his video. He got savage under 2 minutes with team ryzen!! What do you think is he also a hacker??!!

  4. Ign always kick these nuub monkey ass…Dont worry #Ash they dont have real skills❤❤and i really hope MLBB do something about this squad…They’ve been caught so many times…Lol

  5. Please believe me my uncle works for mlbb and after i saw the video i ask him if its true and he didnt answer but i still keep going until i push his limits he say these squads are paying them so thats all i here nothing else

  6. I dont want to give more informations about me because mlbb also supports me and my uncles job just to be safe

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