Roblox CHEATS I found…

Today I try out cheats and tricks with my new Roblox dinosaur bundle toy code thingy. Let me know if you guys have any ideas about what to do next before people start fixing this stuff

Copy the code below to your web site.


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  1. “if you see me in real life say vetebeles hulk, and I’ll give you a pat on the head, because im taller than most of you.” -Albert

    me: DUDE I’M 5’5′ I’M TALLER!! hAhHa

  2. in camping when ur in the boat wear a normal avatar because if ur in the boat people will know that ur not a villian thing and when ur getting teleported thats when u quickly turn in a dino

  3. Girl friend application:

    Name: Lilly Chilton

    From: England Bletchley

    Likes: everything except stuff I dislike

    Dislikes: spiders, sleeping on the bottom bunk, that step closer to death

    Username: cactuspal_rocks

    Do you think you’ll be chosen and why: no because I’m bloody ugly

  4. idea:play bloxbury build a zoo
    yell in chat come to my zoo
    there will be one cage when a person
    walks in and sees the cage its empty
    then straight away you jump out la
    the middle of no where and they
    Freak out

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