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In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at Nintendo Switch piracy and Switch hacking. Hacking the Switch has become a cat and mouse game between Nintendo and hackers, and pirates are always willing to take advantage of hackers work.

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Video Editing by Luis Illingworth @HeyRaguio
Research/Writing by L.D. Murphy
Copy-Writing by Cara Hillstock

Sources/Further Reading:

Nintendo has apparently rolled out new Switch units that cannot be hacked

Nintendo Switch 7.0.0 firmware got cracked in roughly 4 hours

Nintendo is Officially Smacking the Ban Hammer on Switch Hackers

Hackers are now overclocking their Switch units to boost game performance

[PSA] Strong anti-piracy measures implemented by Nintendo for online. from SwitchHacks

WARNING – Nintendo are banning Game Cards individually to combat piracy (will affect pre-owned purchases) from NintendoSwitch

Switch Piracy Causing Nintendo to Ban Individual Game Cards

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  1. That was some hardcore whiplash. Courts! Piracy! Legal Actions! and then… Oh hey, wanna know pokemon facts?! 😀

  2. Nintendo: We will punish people mess about with our stuff.
    Hackers: *messes about with Nintendo’s stuff*
    Nintendo: We’re going to punish you now.
    Hackers: *Pikachu shocked face*

  3. Some of that piracy info is outdated. You don’t need a specific program to play pirated games anymore, it all works from CFW just like OFW now, and for a while.
    The video made it sound like it’s a massive hassle to play pirated games, and it really isn’t these days, once you set it up it’s just like legit digital games, and there’s even a free alternative to SXOS that is fully featured.
    Anyways obviously the video wouldn’t want to become a sort of guide to piracy, so I understand being vague on the info, but for the sake of accuracy I thought I’d comment.

    • And the Ars Technica writer is correct, the Switch logs and flags for pirated copies even offline. Not just pirated copies either, Nintendo will ban you for homebrew usage at all! If you hack your Switch with no NAND backup or emunand setup, consider that Switch banned from online.

  4. the only time I would ever pirate would be if having to get a game that was digital only and was removed from the store. that stuff is BS. can i get an F for scott pilgram vs. the world?

  5. I hadn’t realised Nintendo had already fixed the bootrom issue. I had assumed the new Switch Lite was their answer to the hardware flaw.

  6. Yeah, pretty much everything you said about SXOS is bullshit. There’s no brick code… it was in there for one software version and if wasn’t nefarious. It was dormant. That was also almost a year ago. SXOS still works, gets updates, and even works on the latest Switch firmware. I’m using it now. 😉

  7. Did you know? Studies have shown that software piracy has a very insignificant effect on actual sales of video games, if any negative effect at all. Most people were found to either not have been likely to buy it at all, or were the “Try before you buy” type that will attempt to buy it when they get the chance if they enjoyed it enough. One could argue at least a small chance that the amount of people who wouldn’t have bought but did may outweigh the people who were legitimately “lost sales”.
    Movies/cinema were the only industry that were actually found to be significantly harmed by piracy.

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