NEW INVULNERABILITY CHEAT!? Solo Queue to Global (S2 EP: 4)

Watch out for this “GODMODE” Cheat!

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  1. Fucking dumbass, his career is partly overwatching cheaters and he doesn’t know what a fake angle is ffs. Idk why this pissed me off so much.

  2. Hello, im in hvh since 2015-2016 and used to play with legit aa, (even in hvh since these pasters cant resolve them xd) and could possibly tell that, it is not a new cheat. (R.I.P FAKE AA btw)

  3. im sure he knows what anti-aim is because hes said it in his over watch cases before (i think) hes just playing dumb, because every gamer has to know what a god mode cheat is. He made it seem like he didn’t know what god mode is, like he thought it was the title of the cheat

  4. The way Strike´s awp or normal xhair (if switch wepon fast)wiggles (do a “parabolic” shake) afterkills…familiar to you guys? s1mple shake? buuuuuuullshit. For more proof check aftershot locks video proof and compare to strike then s1mple. Use logic. Once a cheater always a cheater.
    PD: Strike so bad that cause can´t aim into enemies need to press aimkey to get the kills. It remembers me a recent game where a guy aimed “literally every duel” 1 meter away from target but + pressing aimkey = xhair correction =kills. Like how pathetic u are guys that cant even aim into target when see them coming and need assitance?

  5. It’s legit anti aim anti aim is the spin that makes it harder to hit people and legit anti aim (aa) puts the head to the left right down or up.

  6. This is not a god mod. His hit box is side of him. Not in his body that you saw. If you shoot more left or right or and side i don’t know. That can kill him. It’s used for enemy can not kill him my perfect Shoot.

    It’s use full in higher ranks

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