New glitch? What happen to GT? – Growtopia App crash prank

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  1. Here is the tip for who get stuck in CRWES
    1. Try to press menu and exit as fast as possible
    2. Or try to hit punch button faster
    3. Make sure you are laggy it helps alot
    4. Make the world full. Alt account may help
    5. Clear cache and data then relogin

    Hope it works..
    Any other idea comment below

  2. Is that in the world *TSERIES* Too?

    I went in an open space, no sign . I didn’t lag.
    But when I ran to the sign, my game instantly crashed.

    Everytime I did that, I crashed.

  3. Gt vs pw
    Which is better? Heres mine
    Gt:Dosen’t Listen to the community And cringe level 1000 nekorei Ubisoft suck
    Pw:Listen to the community and cringe level -9999 and jake is actually good because he listen and All the mods are always online theres second Chance to do drop game or other scams

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