Yandere Simulator Myths with Jay from the Kubz Scouts using the Jan 15 2019 gate elimination build! Leave a LIKE for more!

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  1. jay i might have one

    if you are insane go some where no one is and Laugh manilcle and your sanity Level will go down BTW YOUR DAT DUDE

  2. I think I have an idea.
    1) kill some random dude and put them near the bench
    2) cleanse yourself
    3) bring a teacher’s pet to see the body
    4) kill someone else to get bloody again
    5) sit on the bench, drink some tea and wait for the teacher to arrive
    Will they notice you? Or are you invisible as you sit?

  3. *Please leave all Yandere related comments in THIS comment section*

    Jay, you know that ain’t gonna happen, right?
    We are talking about people that enjoy watching you kill fake people lmao

  4. Hey jay I got a question for you can u make kokanut fall in love with the late kid with the game glitch or will they be together

  5. 4:06 maybe a way to solve it is to put it in cinematic mode and try to find the button, and then wait to see when you closed it, but don’t do it while he is running

  6. Well, I have one question: lower the athmosphere in the school, have everyone afraid and scared. Will ‘falling boy’ still be late and running, or will he respect the ambiance?

  7. I have a question
    1: kidnap any clubleader (if you know the club leaders has that red thing on there uniform)
    2: go tho the basement
    3: will the red thing eapear? If not will they have it on school

  8. I think I got one
    1 start the thing when you take a pick and make her in trouble
    2 grab cocona’s phone
    3 elocute cocona
    4 before she dies take a pick
    what will the counselor say about it will she talk to her ghost?

  9. Hi Jay! I have a question, what would happen if someone reacted to (whatever his name is) getting his head crushed?

    When you kill the pink hair f-boy and dimember him and see his bald head can u go slefie mode and info chan will reconize it

  11. Just heard shake to Gingles what happens if you befriended the The boy that trips a lot would he developed a crush for the main character or nothing Want to change about him

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