Luigi’s Mansion 3 Glitches – Son of a Glitch – Episode 91

In this episode of Son of a Glitch, we check out some interesting and hilarious bugs and glitches, in Luigi’s Mansion 3, a fantastic Nintendo game, but it’s not just the ghosts that go bump in the night.

Glitches –
1. Polterpup Stuck to Luigi Glitch – 0:26
2. E.Gadd Crazily Flips Out Glitch – 1:45
3. Poltergust Stops Working Glitch – 3:00
4. Objects and Physics Glitches – 3:29
5. 0dd Fitness Centre Glitch – 6:32
6. REC Glitch – 7:13
7. Rubber Duck Boat on Land Glitch – 8:32
8. Clem Boss Glitch – 9:04
9. Serpci Boss Glitch – 9:55
10. Unbeatable Boolossus Glitch – 10:31
11. Credits – 11:38

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  1. I wish I could record the okami glitchs because ammy head got stuck in the ground while fighting the final boss and I just became walking beads one time

  2. Love your videos. They are always so entertaining.

    Haven’t played it yet but I wonder if I actually want some of those funny glitches to happen to me or not. It would be an opportunity to laugh but I don’t want to have to restart the game.

  3. I found a glitch where in the floatie where the pipes are luigi got teleported to the pipe and i could jump out and when i jumped out i got to the gooigi section on top with the water so i could just skip the gooigi puzzle on the door before the wheel to open the safe

  4. I had a glitch where I was Gooigi and I got a gem, but it went to Luigi and he picked it up, so it played the animation with his head down, like he was still sleeping

  5. I found a bug by accident, in the pirate stage, in the big room with the “sea”, I tried to shoot a plunger while I were close to the water in the sand, and the plunger shoot, but at the bottom of the screen, and not from Luigi position

  6. game developers should watch these videos to find out what glitches are in their game and so that they can improve their game and fix it .

  7. It’s kinda sad this game has so many glitches not to mention game breaking glitches because this game is honestly amazing. But luckily I bet Nintendo will eventually patch these glitches

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