Imagine cheating in Destiny 2

Cheaters never win. Even when they do, they don’t.

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  1. The ending was amazing 😭😭😭 “maybe I didn’t have to get petty…but would u rather somebody ddos” 😭😭😭

  2. Cheaters and meta whores just need to be dealt with. It’s been three seasons and I still see dust rock, Luna/NF , wardcliff/ truth. I mean those don’t take skill. I keep that crap in my vault. Id rather beat someone’s ass using double primary while wearing the Colonel’s Head , imagine getting wrecked with non meta weapons by a warlock with a chicken head. Yeah I went there just to prove a point the other night and some scrub bagged. So I dealt with him.

  3. One day I will become the best hacker in the world, not even the government will be safe from my power. And when I achieve my goal I will post dick pics on every corner on the internet. Oh you wanna watch a parkor video ? TOO BAD TAKE THESE DICK PICS YOU FOOL. Do you really think your pathetic vpn’s can protect you ? My dick will be burned into every crevice of your mind and there is nothing you can do to stop me. Do you hear me humans of the milky way ? My dick pics are coming for you

  4. Good on you bra keep up the good work you should work for bungie than maybe the game would change for the better

  5. “No dominance leads to no control” jesus christ Ghaul was more intimidating than this swamp-bather

  6. D2 – Warlocks have infinite blink right now… totally in the game not technically cheating but ya

  7. ya a few days ago I came across him, not naming, but me and my friends had an idea to have snipers only, we just spawn camped with snipers, elim match so they spawned same spot, we’d run out and just target him, absolute dickhead, able to beat him tho, so it all worked out

  8. Playing video games is to have fun, pro players that are really good like human aim not would move to a game that lucrative for pro players

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