I found a really game breaking Roblox glitch… (DON’T USE THIS)

(i know earlier today i made a video on this, we meant to upload this video a day later but we messed up sorry.)
Today we use a robloxian high school glitch that allows our character to reset anyone near by unless they run super fast lol. PLZ don’t use this robloxian high school glitch or don’t say how to do it I tried reaching out to the creators of the game so they can get rid of the glitch lol

Copy the code below to your web site.


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  1. This is how you do the glitch
    First, you gotta become a vet, (yes you gotta fight in the war) and then you gotta spam ‘RESPECT THE VETS’ at least 72 times, then you gotta wear the red bighead, then to explode you press alt and f4 at the same time.

    Remember that earthworm sally is watching you…from the dirt.

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