How to become a Prop *Anywhere* in Public Games! (Fortnite Glitches)

How to become a Prop *Anywhere* in Public Games! (Fortnite Glitches)

In this video I show you can get the moisty palms prop hunt effect anywhere on the entire fortnite map. This is by far the most overpowered fortnite glitch out at the moment. This glitch also works in all public games making it even more game breaking. If you are new here make sure to subscribe you don’t miss out on other glitches like this one in the future!

Lazar’s video:

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  1. Your the real owner for this glitch and every other YouTube pretending that they discovered it…Not even giving you credit. ..😤😤😤😤

  2. You get the robot to the perfect position with just a few inches of it sticking out, face so the robot is on your left or right. As you spin before you look directly at it to get in, you crouch and press square. If you get thrown out then you’re on the right track, keep trying to get it in the correct position to get thrown out as the prop. If you get in the robot and don’t get thrown out you’re doing something wrong

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