He knows the Game too Well To CHEAT! CS:GO

Does he know the game too well to be cheating?

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  1. Just because someone stands still doesn’t mean they are adjusting cheats. I’m usually afk at the beginning of the round for 2-3 seconds, I might be changing the song on Spotify or just typing “shit on”

  2. 14:24 his crosshair pulls away like trying to pull magnets apart it also looks like a spray control script.

  3. The F2P matches should be seperated from the prime matches while overwatching, i hate these blatant retards and because of them the system works way slower than it used to. You could investigate another guy instead of this blatant f2p retard, by the way im only hoping that he is f2p if not, cs mm has been fucked for real.

  4. First thing I noticed was he swing wide out mid doors without peeking window. He just tracks the dude through B sites DD.

  5. 12:38 DUDE THAT’S WALLHACKS ARE YOU KIDDING ME? he didn’t even see him cross over to the left and he started prefiring and peeking. That is super blatant,kinda disappointed you didn’t see that.

  6. The scene 8:04 is a failed trigger imo. He just stands up and doesn’t shoot even tho he is following the guy with his mouse

  7. ALL is hacking!!! WTF, Are YOU blind?!? The last, spinning all the time and checking the opponent’s location.

  8. (wall hacks seems obvious at this point)
    10 mins later: (that was a great shot nothing blatantly obvious so far)

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