Gravitas: Embarrassment: Chinese Team Caught Cheating At Military Games

Host China’s Orienteering Team Gets Disqualified From Military World Games, For Cheating

Major embarrassment for China. China’s orienteering team has been disqualified from military world games.

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  1. Go go chinese . These Brahmin are always back talker . They are born like this if they can’t do . They will show fake news and hate speech. China you have done very good at Africa . They are jealous of China progress

  2. Don’t need to give negative comment abt Chinese people…. They are well achiever…’s just China putting too much burden on them to perform and win……. world don’t know what will happen to Chinese athletes if they lose……..

  3. Wow… now that must be sooooooo embarassing..
    .. getting kicked out of the games after hosting it.. ohh the shame… 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. this news reader is so great the ultimate legend of the universe with such perfect life and the commenters are so great lots of medal winners.

  5. How do you think the US got ahead? They cheat, steal and lied. Now they wants to cheat China by banding their Tech. It’s like a race but US tries to kick and trip the competitor’s legs to claim victory.

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