Game Breaking Glitch & Gibraltar AIMBOT! (Apex Legends 23 kills with Gibby)

Gibraltar Aim Bot like 20+ Gameplay! Apex Legends Funny Moments and Glitches!

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    • Gold shield is the worst legendary item ever. When are you ever gonna execute in a gun fight for a recharge. I think you should get one or 2 bars ffor each thirst. Then full restore if you execute with a head shot lol. Even the helmet is more useful than the shield lol

  1. New ban wave incoming. It’s sort funny however a glitch/ exploit that gives you an edge over an enemy is still defined as cheating. 🤔 curious how this will turn out…

  2. On console there’s a really bad glitch where after you use a jump pad the sound of you jumping happens all thought the game no matter what

  3. Can I have ur Fortnite account bc i used to watch u all the time but u switched to apex😤😤😤😤😤

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