Females That Brag On They Head Game & Why Men Cheat

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  1. I feel the main reason people end up with a Cheating partner is being skeptical about running a background check-up on who they’re dealing with. My worst experience was discovering my 8 years wife cheating on me through the help of Cyberhackingsage who helped cloned her cell phone. All i did was share my wife’s number with Cyberhackingsage and i got access to her Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and text messages both deleted and incoming ones without having to touch her phone. Contact him, he’s a Genius!( cyberhackingsage@gmail ) thank me later

    • Thank you. I must add on a particular note that materialistically oriented women are less likely to be loyal than spiritualy oriented ones.

  2. This exact cheating situation happened to me, girl got comfortable with some trash head and becky sucked my soul and i left that bitch then fucked more bitches

  3. The chick with the black top…what that ass looking like!?!? She look like she with that freak shit; I’m all on that😎

  4. All of them claim they give the best head and puss. I tell them you know how many pizza stores here in NY claim they the best or have signs #1 pizza in NY

  5. Shout-out to Florida.
    And I can’t say how often I’ve heard a woman say the things they know how to do on the soul pole, but when it came to it, all she knew how to do was slide her lips up and down the shaft and that’s it.

  6. been on a marathon of watching your videos. it’s inspired me to change my perspective of my life and change my approach with girls. i’ve never been scared of approaching girls but your videos helped me improve my “game”

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