Evolution of “CHEAT ACTIVATED” in ALL GTA games! (How to enter cheats!) 1997-2019

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Watch how entering cheat codes have changed in GTA games from GTA 1 to GTA V. One or few cheats have been used in each game. (Focused on PC versions)

GTA 2, IV MUSIC – Squid Phusics


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  1. Great video, you can also use simple trainer in your PC. Please make a video
    1. Police scanner (radio)
    2. rampages( rage side missions)
    3. Why gta online is better than GTA 5.
    4. FBI vehicle ( FBI open up)

  2. yes these cheats code will work with the rgl versions too since their on PC and these cheats will definitely help with struggling players.

  3. SA had one of the biggest(if not the biggest)list of cheats, 5 had one of the funniest cheats like skyfall,invincibility,moon gravity and super jump which make for tons of fun.

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