Did another Pro CHEAT at a LAN Tournament?

This time we take an in depth look at Bona after a few Hackusations were launched his way stating his Aimlock had malfunctioned.

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  1. can tell his a low mouse sense player…. shouldn’t be snap flicking in single frames like that – it’s not a natural movement.

  2. I have seen and thought about all the accusations, possible explanations and all the evidence that was trying to prove he has hacking.
    The most likely reason for him slightly spraying left to right is most probably a risky tactic he uses to make sure he hits his target he most likely implied it to the sg as it most likely became a habit after continuously using the m4a1. As for the “how did he know he was there??? “ The most likely situation would be that his enemies most likely shot, which alerted him to their possible location and thus either ended his life or his enemies.

  3. so after 7 min you say “now we have the proof” and it is a coincidence that the video ends at 10:02 all for the money jeez

  4. the guys gone 10-19 and has a .92 overall hltv rating… yes he has shaky aim its a big lan game with pressure hes probably just feeling nerves. theres pretty much 0 compelling evidence in this whole 10 minute video thanks for wasting mine and 128k other peoples time

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