Days Gone Glitches – Son of a Glitch – Episode 90

In this episode, we check out some of the random glitches in Days Gone.

Glitches –
1. Deacon Skydives – 0:30
2. NPC Glitches – 1:09
3. Animal Glitches – 5:13
4. Object Glitches – 6:01
5. Motorbike Glitches – 6:27
6. World Glitches – 9:35

A+Start with Andy
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  1. Hey guys, Andy here,

    Been really enjoying Days Gone, but it’s got some bugs, let’s check them out. If you like this video share it around, and if you didn’t , still share it around haha. Honestly, keep supporting the show, it really needs it lately. Follow me @Astartshow to keep updated.

    Thanks guys

  2. YES!!! I’m soooo happy that this was the game of choice for this episode! I’ve been wanting this game for a while and seeing this makes me super happy! I’m also glad that this came out so soon after the previous episode!

  3. If you do rdr2 theres a glitch where you clip through the floor opening a cabinet on a train

  4. Things were getting a little boring around here until a new episode of Son of a Glitch got uploaded.

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