Colin AMAZING by Clippers announcer says Harden is “cheating” game with style of play | THE HERD

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  1. Totally disrespectful don mclean should be fired he embarrassed the whole clippers organization.for a guy who got suspended by nba for using steriods and to disrespect a superstar player like that was totally not called for.this league wide hatred for james harden has to stop its getting out of hand.ppl mad he shoots free throws and his style of play when Michael jordan played this way for needs to hire more diverse unbias people who dont have a motive to disrespect players and teams what i heard lastnight was totally cretin and that announcer should be fired

  2. The nba allows travel, in order for James to be effective so 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    • +countgriffor how are you going to count that he was young and playing off the bench.. that was years ago dude come back with another argument.. since hes been in houston hes averaged at least 25 every season and took the rockets to the playoffs every year.. go look at his rockets rosters and you will see that so many of those players are completely irrelevant or out of the league right now

    • +Jason Janisewski You clearly dont watch rockets games or are an actual dumbass if you think Harden hasnt been playing defense. You cant lead the league in steals, deflections, and post defense if you dont play defense

    • +Jason Janisewski what are you smoking. I think you should come Guyana we got the good stuff💭💭🔥😌😌

  3. Man Collin u finally giving my boy harden props hell yea now u getting back my respect just a little cause sometimes u be tripping lol….harden mvp everyone hates him but he always got love from Houston baby let’s go

    • Nick Furious snake is playing with 4 stars. And no where in the mvp conversation. Harden is about to win back to back mvp
      f outta snake lover

  4. Alot of players could do what harden does if their usage rate was the same. They’d also be way more efficient at it.

    • yes he is. Back to back MVP. Harden went 1 vs 5 at Oracle arena on TNT without CP3. 1 All-Star vs 5 ALL-STARS…and buried em alive…OH AND KD WAS THERE FOR THE PARTY, AND COULDN’T DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. Best offensive player I’ve ever seen. #FearTheBeard #2xMVP

    • +superzayman1 Nobody sounds dumber than someone who says “CP3 is not better on the Rockets” LOL yes he is dummy.

    • +superzayman1 Harden is a better scorer than KD you dummy. Only wilt, elgin and MJ have avg’d 36 ppg in a season like the MVP JAMES HARDEN. KD could only dream of scoring like harden does.

  5. But it isn’t just travelling like Colin and everybody is focusing on. It’s the fake fouls that he typically initiates. That is why he always fizzles out in the playoffs bc fouls aren’t gimmes like the regular season. Until Harden wins a ring, he does not deserve to be called the best in the league. Top 5, yes. MVP this year, yes. But only bc the system. It definitely feels like he cheats the game compared to MJ and Kobe

    • If anybody is mad about harden’s style of play why don’t they duplicate it? They can’t. Simple. Back to back MVP. Harden went 1 vs 5 at Oracle arena on TNT without CP3. 1 All-Star vs 5 ALL-STARS…and buried em alive…OH AND KD WAS THERE FOR THE PARTY, AND COULDN’T DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. Best offensive player I’ve ever seen. #FearTheBeard #2xMVP

    • +The Real King James You should probably agree that LeBron deserved the MVP last year. This the first year Harden deserves it. I’m giving him his props he’s top 5. But if any top player was on Dantonis team they are instantly going to have higher usage and higher numbers. Just imagine if Russ, AD, KAT, Devin Booker, and the list goes on and on had him as the coach. Numbers would be STOOOOPID

    • +Anthony Hatton LOL I’m a LeBron fan but Harden deserved the MVP last year and in 2015….this should be his 3rd MVP but he was robbed by a baby face curry who took the league by storm. 2015 was the year of chef curry.

    • +Anthony Hatton Russ, AD, KAT, and devin booker can’t score like harden does. He’s the best offensive player I’ve ever seen.

  6. Finally someone is honest about Harden. The NBA is allowing him to travel with that step back, take that away how many points will he make. Giannis is the MVP

  7. People dont care as much about the traveling. It’s the constant flopping and “creating contact” that gets him to the free throw line even though his defender didnt actually foul him. Refs pamper him, fans can see through his BS, and it’s horrible for the game.

  8. Luv tht explanation of the grey area and the ‘greats’ do the manipulation very well #facts

  9. Thing is, how many teams that play the “right way” and are sitting home watching the playoffs.Those very Clippers that played the “right way” with a young CP3 never got past the second round for 6 years.

    I get it it, Harden way and the Rockets way isn’t for everyone but its their way. They don’t have golden state personnel. Playing like GS won’t be nearly as effective for them.

    I realize its championship or bust for everyone but its been Golden State time. I don’t give a damn what system has been run all challengers have been beaten. Outside of Lebron arguably one of the best players of all time , the Harden lead Rockets have been one of the few challengers. Like Jordan and the Bulls, a lot of people got beat by greatness.

    If its not for you fine, but stop dismissing the guy like he is trash. Harden isn’t the best shooter ever like Curry or a athletic freak like Lebron, Giannis or Westbrook. He is a cerebral ball player that does his thing at high level which translates to team success.

  10. To all the people who think Harden is “Cheating” the Game I have just 1 question. _If James Harden was on your hometown team scoring the way he is now would you still say he is “Cheating”?_ No you wouldn’t! So shut up.

  11. I still don’t understand how people say hardens step back is a travel.
    He takes 2 steps back or side ways. Since when did 2 steps become a travel?
    Harden haters! Since when did 2 steps become a travel?

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