Cheat Codes In The Game Of Life (r/AskReddit)

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  1. Don’t be an arrogant asshole. They make for popular characters on TV but not real life. Politeness and kindness will take you a long way.

  2. Sorry if I sound dumb but I don’t get the first one. Can’t you just put in a five dollar bill instead of going through all this trouble for nothing?

  3. hang out with people with good work ethics, eventually you’ll forget that you’re actually working, and life becomes easier

  4. Eat all the food you will ever need to as soon as you’re born so u don’t have to spend money on food

    Same with drinks

  5. The questions one is a lie. People tell you to ask questions and will be fine for a short time but then they will start to get annoyed. I’m someone who always asks questions because I like to know why.

  6. If you want people to believe everything you say (lies included) always show yourself “open”, be honest with many things (it doesnt have to be big things), like a little problem or something like that, but it have to be things that makes you look not the best to be credible (it can be a lie tho), because nobody is gonna think that you are going to say bad things about yourself on purpose, so with time you will be see as an open person that doesnt say lies and fron there you can use it for beneficts

  7. Pain is only temporary.

    You don’t have to be narsisistic to love yourself.

    Compliment yourself from time to time and be honest about it. Think of something you did that you were proud of.

    Find yourself a good friend or more. They’ll help you cheat your way through life.

  8. If you’re ever at a get together with family you don’t know ask one woman or man you know is married go up give them a huge hug and ask them how them and *snap like you’re trying to remember a name* they will then tell you the name of their spouse go to them and do thesame thing over and over again until you know the names of everyone’s and their friends and kids and boom you are Mr.Know everyone

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