Biggest game breaking bug, or Wargaming is cheating?!

If any of you encountered this issue before or have more information of the topic at hand, dont hesitate to comment. Please keep insults to a minimum. We don’t know what is causing this.

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  1. Hey skill, Hey everyone,
    this is definitely not intended behavior, or purposely created from our side. We will investigate this and it’s reproducibility with our CS guys and update you asap! -thePhilX

    • lol bullshit this is ANCIENT NEWS. It also happens on NA. The variation I see over there comes in 1 of 3 flavors:
      1. I suddenly turn into a 40% wr or less noob when I buy a new tank – aka “randomly” consistently lose
      2. My shot RNG in a tanks that are HIGHLY ACCURATE the patton or skorp
      3. Turret twitching/lagging

    • Not only vs skill a was playing form the 1.5 update I have good ping like 70ms but it’s like 999 ping or more I think it’s the game algorithm.

    • Of course WG will say, “definitely not intended behavior” They have to.
      Lets just say this. If I was a company, and there were content creators playing my game and showing tons of people, I would do everything I possibly can to ensure the content creators were having the maximum amount of fun possible in front of the audience at any cost necessary that I could get away with.

    • Gints Rodionovs, typically the winning side only loses 3/4 team members while the other side gets wiped out. This happens a lot on Xbox !, I wonder if anyone else has noticed this strange win loss ratio.

  2. When I shoot enemy player with wn8 +9000 at the begining of match there is no way to hit him, he can drive Leopard or trashbarn that Will be 100% bounce

  3. That would be… Like… what? Why?
    Like… WHY? WTF? 😀
    Just in case, I am going to put my tin foil hat on… You can never be too safe these days! :O

  4. hi Skill all respect to you and your play, but my opinion is this is just marketing…. WG is trying to advertise the game with popular Youtubers or Twich by giving you guys {Skill,QB, Orzanel,Lemmingrush, etc) a little advantage….again all respect for you guys and your skills and work…

  5. I didn’t watch the whole thing but… I think it’s just that WG has a bad netcode.
    What’s their tickrate, 30 Hz? I never investigated the netcode, but I always thought it was a bit off.

  6. it is well known that the WG gives the privileges to players who spend more money, I have been assured 1000 times

  7. I have same.issues. also my auto aim.doesnt work vs some opponents when my mouse is directly over a player even from 10m away…. it makes no sense. As my repair kit works perfectly on the exact same buttom!! Or health kit. So makes no sense why auto aim will work vs 1 player and not vs another.

    Also I get the same lag issues and my mouse doesnt fire.

    • And often ends with me dying when in a 1v1 situation. Its like they have a mod to stop me firing or its lagging. Said it for a while

  8. Shocker Wargaming giving some players Immunity…. go figure they have no Bias towards anyone or anything go figure lol Yeah Right

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