Apex Legends MASSIVE Cheating Problem Is Ruining the Game Already

I love apex legends, but it is being ruined by cheaters, especially on PC where I play it the most. I have video of the cheaters using the hacks all through this video and the details of the cheats and some info of what respawn entertainment is doing to stop it.
#apexlegends #pcgaming #unirock
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  1. Just won the game with a cheater i did nothing just stood still in the zone guy run across whole map killing squads on his own. 28 kills 😀 or maybe ive played with shroud?

  2. i have just play with one of them i was watching him the entire game and he could take entire squand alone ……. and i couldn’t report him

    • and? counter strike devs ban 400,000 each ban wave and still the game is ruined by cheaters, VAC is the worst anti-cheat. EAC and Battle-eye are good tho

    • +UNIRock2 And IP, MAC bans are not used as MAC addresses can be spoofed. and IP addresses refreshed by modem, ISP router restart.. hardware bans are also a joke and easily overridden. F2P games die on cheating, and this one will to. Cause just one can ruin your entire night and causing you to go elsewhere.

  3. I honestly am on the verge of stopping playing cause a player with ****135**** fricking games played and still isn’t banned. And to top it off I got video of him blatantly esping.

  4. Uni dude I just clipped some straight up bullshit with a peacekeeper. Wanna see 4 close range hits on an enemy with a level 3 choke do zero damage? Hit me up.

  5. I haven’t played Apex Legend in quite a few days just on account of the assholes hacking the game. It’s absolute bullshit that some people can’t play a game without ruining it for everyone else.

  6. They banned 16k account in 10 days… PUBG banned over a million in a single month last year. 16k seems like a joke, how many of that million PUBG banned do you think play Apex Now…

  7. It’s too late, sorry to say this. I can explain you why: This game is based on the Source Engine/Titanfall. It is not protected against reverse engineering, that means you can literally “look at the code and just make a cheat”. EAC is the only “protection” but it’s very easy to bypass. The problem is, that you have to build the game from the scratch with anti debugging/reverse engineering techniques like Overwatch from Blizzard. It’s very hard to do and it has to be part of the development. Now the game is out, to make something like that afterwards it would literally take years. This game is already flooded by cheaters but it will get far worse. I am in the scene trust me, this game is pretty much dead. It’s really sad to see that companies in 2019 still not invest into good people to protect their games truly. When EA says “we need to do better” it actually means “it’s not profitable and we have no interest in doing so”. It’s far easier to just plug in EAC and tell the players bullshit then develope the game complex enough from the scratch. Isn’t it a joke to release such a game without a kill cam, without a report system, without proper detection? It’s a fun game but yknow, it’s basically a copy pasted titanfall quick made game to make quick profit. Never meant to stay alive long. Only game I know of ever that really countered the cheating scene is Overwatch.

  8. Doesn’t matter if they get banned!!.. ITS FREE to create new accounts and the Game is free. SO there is no point in playing this game anymore!!!
    was great for a week , but the cheaters took over

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