20 vs 5 CHEAT in SOLO RANKED — plus DDoS HACK when losing game

Thanks to ikab for this video: https://www.twitch.tv/ikab

Music used:
Machinimasound.com – Battle of Kings
Shattered Helium – Under The Sky

Epic Music – Shaping Our World

ProTwoType – Operation Intrigue

Epic Adventure Music – A Legend’s Adventure

#Dota #Valve #Steam

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  1. Ikab это хайммр руинет, который рейджбайбекается, стаёт афк, и флэймит, так ему и нада, остальных жаль(

  2. Tbh. after this point,i’m telling you boiz this game should die,and reborn form its ashes after a few months!This game has nothing to do wiht good old Dota!Do you remember those days guyz?(A player from 2015)

  3. Money split for 20 hero.
    That’s stupid hack.
    Also your team memebers will rock after minute 20.
    Elder titan.
    I wish it was me who encounter this without the crash part

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