10 Video Game Cheat Codes That Changed Your Life

When replayability didn’t come with a price tag.

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  1. Spooderman in THPS2? 100% the career mode. And no i didn’t look it up, and no i didn’t do it myself at the time. :3
    /Edit: Oh wait, you said so 10 seconds later. xD

  2. My favorite cheat code was GTA: San Andreas’s Riot Mode and Pedestrians Have Weapons cheat. The chaos and people running around with TVs was spectacular.

  3. Did not know time crisis had cheat codes. There was me back in the day finishing the game the hard way, learn G where enemies came from and the attack style patterns

  4. Those were good times! even on PC, i remember using cheats to get trough the campaign of Warcraft 2 and Starcraft 1 couse i wanted to see how the story ended as well as in many other games.

  5. The Ultimate Code from Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

    A, B, Y, X, A, B, Y, X, A, B, A, B, Y, X, X, Y, A, B, Y, X

  6. ah MK even the Master System had the blood code 2, 1, 2, Down, Up, very fun. As for Sonic only level select? why not include debug mode along with it?

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