10 Video Game Cheat Codes That Changed EVERYTHING

Video game cheat codes may be slowly disappearing, but many will remain in our hearts forever. Here are some examples of cheats that literally changed the game.
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    • In GtaSA my fave setup was, Fog+GhostTown+Riots.
      It was like a spoopy Silent Hill mode.
      Walking through the streets with a co-op bud,
      abandoned cars in the middle of the road with a door open,
      planes falling out of the sky,
      and when you encounter pedestrians they are hostile.
      Wish the PS2 has a auto record setup like PS4, had some great moments.

    • prince.exe megahit – for the original prince of persia
      LIM – wolfenstein 3d
      glittering prizes – warcraft 2
      there is no cow level – starcraft

  1. IDKFA = I Dont Know F*king Anything? Me and my friends use to call that cheat that when we were younger cause the only people that used it couldnt beat the game without it lol

  2. Wow after all these years watching pro overwatch, I finally know the origins of iddqd’s username😂. Learn something every day I guess. 🤷‍♂️

  3. The ultimate old school cheat code: Routing to a hacked DNS to get a full cheat menu in GTA: Online on console…I miss that Christmas lol

  4. I understand where people come from about cheats in the remastered Final Fantasy games. However I used them to get through the grind easier, they were off for major story events but running around leveling up I needed that speed boost

  5. GTA sa. I have 5 cheats I can remember from all this time, they are like reflexes, and when I wait for a game to load, I type them just for passing time.

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