10 Recent WORST Game BREAKING Glitches

Many games have glitches. Some glitches are funny, some are annoying. But from time to time, a glitch will prevent you from completing the game at all. Let’s talk about THAT kind of video game glitch – do you remember any of these?
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PSA: Do not kill Xeno’Jiiva on MHW PC. You will lose everything. from MonsterHunterWorld

Huge game breaking bug (Read before playing game) from reddeadredemption

The Circle of Death Rules Us All: Far Cry 5 has a Death Loop Bug

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  1. I didn’t get the glitch in prey, but i did get a glitch on doom in pc where my files were corrupted and i had the write something in the console to continue playing

  2. Worst ive seen is Ghost Recon Wildlands for RTX cards where you open the menu (which you need to do, alot, for like weapons/skills/quests/etc).

    Largely as it affected after several years and means you are stuck with the skills and weapons you start with.
    Also if you accidently open the menu the game immediately crashes, its awesome…

  3. fuck fo76 and Bethesda. they added non-cosmetic items to the item atom shop. They will never get my money again.

  4. In Skyrim I was a werewolf and vampire, at the same time. Wouldnt let me cure my vampirism. Found it harder to play in the day time.
    Bethesda. Go figure

  5. If you want to make a part 2. Check out Oldschool Runescape’s ”Money Stack” and ”T-Bow on the floor” glitch. Both happened in 2019.

  6. How did rainbow six seige not make this list? It has like 20 new glitches every week and some of them i.e the clash glitch made the game unplayable, also the fact that on console its considered cheating to use mouse and keyboard yet 4 years in, they still don’t ban m&k users, I know because I have friends that have done it for since last season

  7. sh*t I think I had the RDR2 glitch, since I couldn’t find jack anywhere when I wanted to give him that thing he wanted me to get. I played the game for like 4 months, since rarely have time, so fml.

  8. Well not sure exactly if this was a bug, rather not a well thought out area in the map, but in Skyrim in a location where the quest with etherium starts, when used the waterfall to shortcut my way out of there the current of water was too strong for me to get out of it, maybe in part because it was ought to be rather for characters without overfilled inventory(even if actually in all other areas didn’t had problem like that) but anyways only way to get out of it was a noclip command

  9. Dude, I’ve had so many Far Cry 5 glitches… It was the big thing that kept me from loving that game. I had one where I got all the resistance points I needed to fight Joseph seed but nothing would generate… I completed a big chunk of the game and was just stuck there.

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