10 new fortnite Glitches for Season 9…

10 new fortnite Glitches for Season 9…

here are 10 new fortnite season 9 glitches working after the latest v9.20 update! Some of these are Creative mode glitches and some of them work in Public Games. Make sure to subscribe if you’re new and don’t want to miss out on new fortnite glitches!

Support-a-creator code: Retali8

Glitches featured (+founder’s)

– Storm Flip in Creative
– Invincible traps
– Emote in the sky
– Emote with weapons
– Attached to baller (founder: Physioninja)
– Invisible on quadcrasher (founder: Gopo)
– Shoot in rift
– Super run glitch (founder: Retali8)
– Phase through anything (founder: ?)
– Stay in Battle Bus Forever

Discord: https://discord.gg/x3hKQXZ

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  1. Thanks to all of the new subscribers! If you haven’t subbed yet make sure you do so you don’t miss out on all of the brand new fortnite glitches!

  2. Wow you ikonik wow your so cool NOBODY CARES STOP TRINNA SHOW OF i mean i might have a difrent opinion cuz i have it

  3. Me and my friend was the first one to figure out how to get the map and the bottle first prob Edit:yeah we are first

  4. 3:29 you are already able to emote while In balloons without the hoverbaord, omg did you even try that???

  5. you can paste the golden chest to get storm flips faster
    EDIT: nvm I need to actually watch the video lol

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