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  1. If you don’t like the game, that’s fine, but as a content creator… your negativeness is bad. Your just being a douche now

    • Are you from the future? Or just blind and not see all the shity things about anthem? Because at the moment anthem is dying faster then 76 lol there is already less then half the amount of players from last week since yesterday, I would love for anthem to be great but right now it has a lot of problems and the biggest one is loot and lack of content and then end game stuff, if they don’t fix it soon division 2 will end up killing anthem, I have 250+ hours on anthem and I haven’t gotten one god roll item or anything even close to it, it’s frustrating and grindy as fuck, even if the game play is fun it feels like a chore, I don’t want to come home an play a game that feels like work ya I’ll pass till they fix that shit, because I got other things I could be doing and division comes out in 2 days so I can wait till then

  2. Dude they won’t ban you, you’re an asset to them XD because you’re showing them glitches so they can patche them, hell they even made a tweet recently calling all players to help them with bugs to be basically beta testers hahahaha so they need you man

  3. Need advice:can anyone help/tell me what to do: i have a glitch with speechbubbles – its yellow for Matthiasses/Jina/Dax on the map but when i come near fountain its white or dissappears. im i going to be lockout of speech rewards and possible missions,im on max level and finished story,not able to handle hard/gm1 yet.pls help.

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