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  1. lol wtf pve needed aimbot wow!!!!!! I’m thankful division 2 is out prolly won’t be playing anthem till it’s fix or they added pvp 😂😂😂

    • NO, when u shoot it auto targets…so u can click forward and holding down shoot and ur guy will auto targert

  2. The point isn’t the aimbot you dumb fuks. The point is the third party software essentially prisming towards hacking into potential game/serving crashing source code.

  3. This is why PC gaming has declined drasticly and will continue to decline until only the cheaters and hackers that cant hold up to real players will remain there are of course cheaters on consoles to but they never last anywhere near as long as they do on PC and even then still only a fraction can even cheat in the first place at least compared to the PC numbers

  4. Everyone saying who cares its a pve game. Guess what. In like a month leaderboards for running strongholds are coming out. Do something like this will be HUGE for that. Always hitting weak points.

    • Think about what you just said, your talking about “Leaderboards” on a broken game! REALLY? In a month you might be the only person still playing…LOL

    • +Noctacular WolfPack i wont. Unlike all the crybabies on this game i know how to play other games till its fixed. I log on daily to run a stronghold or legendary contract. I actually like the game minus all its issues

    • +tyler GIST we ALL like the game minus its issues!!!! Calling people crybabies for buying a broken game? You have a nice day in your bubble……

    • +Noctacular WolfPack crying about it wont get it fixed. Giving constructive feedback will. Once people learn that kindness kills and not flaming.

    • +Noctacular WolfPack also i dont know what games you are playing but games nowadays never come finished. Or without issues. They are so complexed. This isnt dig dug or pacman.

  5. This doesn’t affect me this is just a marker i don’t need this to do missions this is pve. Now it you had a auto aim bot then yeah.

  6. Quite frankly, you are right when you said that this game is beyond repair…firat of all, Bioware released a statement yesterday that EA forums, saying that they need help to squash the bugs and glitches on the game…the way I see it, there’s no QA testers employed by bioware to test the game out and with that, I don’t know what to say to be honest…Bioware are making the players be their game testers, WTF! We are completely baffled why a respected AAA company, game is littered with bugs and glitches, and now, no QA testers in the company. This is not the Bioware whom I once enjoyed their games…they are merely a shell of who they are from before.

  7. He needs aimbot if he is only getting 4300 damage crit on the tyrant mine boss with truth of tarsis! I can get 100 times that!

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